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20 January, 2015

Michael and Alexander Chance: Late-night recital

"It is never a good thing for a parent to be seen to be pushing forward a child too eagerly. Don’t put your daughter on the stage and all that. The opportunity to put on a short discreet late-night duo recital with father and son counter-tenors whirling away together in the very place where such a combination performed famously for so many years was, however, too tempting to avoid. Alexander sings in the Choir of New College, Oxford, and has been one of the regular alto soloists there, when required, for nearly four years. For this concert, he will be dragged from the very week at the end of the Oxford academic year when they all party to excess. We are hopeful, though, for a fun evening."

Michael Chance

Stour Festival, Friday 26th June 22.00 - Late night concert 'Rival Notes'

18 October, 2014

Next Summer Music Academy in Siena - August 18-29 2015

Please check out the expanded roster of luminaries teaching in our forthcoming Summer Academy in Siena, in August 2015. Lots of opportunities to explore a wide range of repertoire, learn from a vast body of experience, and have a lot of fun with some very entertaining personalities. The Academy has a Baroquey feel to it, but that is just the starting point. We offer expertise in German lied, French and Russian Song, Mozart opera, Ensemble singing, as well as, for the first time, a leading violinist, with a big international following. And, for certain, many surprises in store in that most surprising and luminous city, Siena.

Teaching and masterclasses
Siena School for Liberal Arts

28 April, 2014

Danyel CD wins Special Prize

Musica e Dischi awarded a Special Prize for the year 2013 to Michael Chance and Paul Beier for the CD Danyel: Like As the Lute Delights (Stradivarius, 2013). Read more about the prize, as well as excerpts from the Italian press (in Italian).

Musica e Dischi - Premio Della Critica 2013
Michael Chance and Paul Beier - Excerpts from the Italian press
Danyel: Like As the Lute Delights (CD page)
Paul Beier, Lute

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